We Write You A Merry Christmas

by The Friendly Beasts

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All Songs Written and Performed by The Friendly Beasts:
Eric S. Donaldson
Sean G. Donaldson
Abigail Fudor
Joseph Gustafson
Addi Twigg
Andrew Twigg

©2009/2010 The Friendly Beasts


released December 23, 2009

All Songs Recorded and Engineered
by Sean G. Donaldson



all rights reserved


The Friendly Beasts Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Quirky Christmas music based out of Pittsburgh, PA!

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Track Name: Addi Twigg - Meowy Christmas
Meowy Christmas

You’ve heard the tales of sheep and cows
Adoring the baby boy
But what about the furry meows
That brought him warmth and joy?

Meowy Christmas, Purrfect child
Like a kitten, so meek and mild
You have come to earth for us
Meowy Christmas

Nestled in the swaddling clothes
On a quiet Bethlehem night
A litter of kittens would doze
Hugging the boy-child tight

Baby Jesus was not an average child they say
But have you ever met a child
who didn’t want a kitten for their birthday?
Track Name: Sean G. Donaldson - Nadolig Llawen
Nadolig Llawen

Nadolig Llawen [“naDOLLig HLAwen”: Merry Christmas]
a Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda! [“BLOOdhin NEHwidh dha”: Happy New Year]
Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda!

We wish you a Merry Christmas from the Island of Wales
And A Happy Happy Welsh New Year!
The snow and wind is blowing all around us in gales,
But we are warm and cozy in here!

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda!
Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda!

The Mari llwyd is eisteddfodde, a horsehead on a pole,
and if the horsey bites, you will pay!
Nadolig stockings by the fire at taffy making time,
Let's ALL go hear the carol of the day!

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda!
Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda!
Track Name: Joseph Gustafson - Indiana County
Indiana County: The Christmas Tree Capital Of The World

Indiana County, the Christmas tree capital of the world
It's holidaytime season once again, the perfect time to enjoy Pennsylvania's Indiana County. Come explore our virgin pine forests where 2,000 bucks are harvested a year. Watch the stock car races at the Marion Center Motor Speedway. Experience the childhood home of actor Jimmy Stewart or take a guided tour of the state-of-the-art Homer City Coal plant. There's something for the entire family!

So come on by or contact us at:
The Indiana County Ministry of Tourism
863 Burger King Terrace
Knucklingsburg, PA 15704
See you soon!

Indiana County, the Christmas tree capital of the world
Track Name: Eric S. Donaldson - Emmanuel
Verse 1

Oh come with us and sing our Lord Emmanuel
The King of Kings Salvation brings a glorious tale to tell
Conceived of hope and light, a child of virgin birth
Has come to be the saviour to the children of Earth

Verse 2

What humble child is this, who takes away all fear
The Prince of Peace with friendly beasts is resting here
And many years from now His ministries begin
And with His sacrifice shall save mankind from sin

Verse 3

To God above on high, sing praise with adulation
And we who heard shall spread His word to every nation
Go forth with song and prayer, the joyous sound proclaim
Ring out your praise and glorify His holy name

Verse 4

Oh Blessed Son of God, Upon this Christmas Day
The Holy Ghost and heavenly host have come to stay
Bestow in us your peace too weighty to ignore
And spread your light into our hearts forevermore
Track Name: Abigail Fudor - I've Got A Guy (In The North Pole)
I've Got a Guy (In the North Pole)

A-B-See this guy right here?
His photo on the mantle makes it perfectly clear
That’s because, I'm Mrs. Santa Claus

S-T-You know, I’m his dame
There's only one who gets it done, and he's my flame
I love his jingle, I'm Mrs. Kris Kringle

My girlfriends often wonder how I stand the north pole (pole).
What to wear… do people stare… where does he get that coal (coal coal)?

The answer true, I’m tellin’ you is in this tune
The joy and magic felt on Christmas night and noon
Is nowhere near the love sincere that makes his fav'rite gal swoon

M-N-Oh I love him so
In all the years that fly on by the more I know
I get my kicks, as Mrs. Saint Nick

G-H-I’m his valentine
The only note I ever wrote was “Santa, will you please be mine?”
I’m the luckiest broad, I'm Mrs. Santa Claus
Track Name: Sean G. Donaldson - Finding Jesus
Finding Jesus

Every November, when it’s time to decorate
We put out the nativities, but don’t do it in haste
We place Mary and Joseph, with the animals in the hay
But not yet baby Jesus, not ‘til Christmas Day

Finding Jesus in the closet with your shoes
Finding Jesus in a drawer next to the glue
Christmas morning Jesus has found you
Finding Jesus in everything that you do

The African nativity, the one made out of wood,
The glass one can hang on the tree, but it’s always understood…
Jesus hides behind the couch, or in your office desk
So on December 25th, be sure you don't forget!
Track Name: Eric S. Donaldson - LOST Christmas
LOST Christmas

One balmy evening on the Island
As the sun set on each castaway
Sayid looked on the Calendar,
and said Christmas Eve is today

And all of the Survivors
Were surprised and unprepared
"If we don't live together, we'll die alone!
It's Christmas!" Jack declared.

The Tailies and the Others too
The frieghter folk and the rest
All make the best
of being LOST at Christmas

Hurley wears a Santa outfit as
Polar bears pull Dharma sleighs
Throws Apollo bars to Shannon
As Boone cooks fish fillets

Jack says, "Kate we have to go back
To the way Christmas used to be"
Claire's having Aaron's first Christmas, as Charlie
prays to Virgin Mary

"You all everybody
You all everybody
Actin' like you're Christmas people
Wearin' Christmas clothes"

Eko reads a Christmas mass
As the other Tailies sit in prayer
Sun and Jin, with Bernard and Rose
Roast Dharmarshmallows there

Sawyer's really in the spirit
Joining in the Yuletide bash
Gives out medicines and magazines
and books from in his stash

Locke gave a hunting knife to Walt
It looks like it's brand new
"Mr. Locke, You can't give me this"
John says, "Don't tell me what I can't do"

Desmond is on the SAT-phone with Penny
Exhanging loving yule desires
And on the beach all the others
Sing carols around their campfires

From his chopper Lapidus drops gifts
For every castaway
In his notebook, Daniel calculates
The speed of Santa's sleigh

Ben and Juliet get along
For once they're being friends
And Jacob and his enemy
Shook hands and made amends

If only for today
All is peaceful, there is no dismay
All together
LOST on Christmas

Make your own kind of music
Sing your own Christmas song
Track Name: Addi Twigg - Ain't A Holiday
Ain't a Holiday

Valentine’s day, 1986
You put a bug in my hair, when I just wanted a kiss
Seventh grade, I used to dread Halloween
Because I knew you’d come and cover my house with TP
Boy I find I kinda miss your tricks
You’re my one and only Christmas wish

So spike my Christmas punch again
I just want you and your shenanigans
Cause without you and all the games you play
it ain’t a holiday

New Year’s Eve, you call at twelve on the dot
You say it’s accidental, but I know it’s not
Look out my window, baby there you are
Guilty grin, you shaving-creamed my car

Boy I really love your little pranks
You’re the one that makes me wanna give thanks

Spike my Christmas punch again
I just want you and your shenanigans
Cause every day's like April Fool's
I wanna wreak some havoc with you
Cause without you and all the games you play
It ain't a holiday
Track Name: Andrew Twigg - Fruitcake

i'm a tiny, little fruitcake
tasty christmas rite
every year i'm passed around
but no one takes a bite

i'm filled with nuts, green cherries
pineapple, and dates
chok full of currants
don't you think that i sound great?

they call me a lush
i'm swimming in brandy
but around the holidays,
don't you think that's handy?

i'm a tasty little fruit cake
scrumptious, baked and browned
cut me into slices
and gobble me down!
Track Name: Joseph Gustafson - Egga Noggy
Egga noggy
Egga noggy
Egga noggy

6 ounces of milk
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
2 ounces of light rum
1 whole egg
Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a collins glass.
Sprinkle nutmeg on top and enjoy.
Please drink responsibly.

Egga noggy
Egga noggy
Track Name: Addi Twigg - All The King's Drummers
A wee small boy named Daniel would play
Not with toys but the rhythms he made
He practiced every night after night
Until he knew the cadences right

“Daniel, bring your snare today!”
He heard his father proudly say
King Herod calls for twelve to drum
A corps whose praises long will be sung

Rich and poor
Whether lone or in the corps
Sound the drum to your heart’s delight
You will find your rhythm tonight

He played his best, by size undeterred
But Herrod gave his final word
Daniel’s drumming he never heard

He held back tears as best he was able
And ran to hide in the nearby stable
A newborn boy there he did find
That night he played the drum for a king of a different kind
Track Name: Abigail Fudor - Holiday (W)rap
Ribbons, bows, ho-ho-ho's
It's Decembertime yo, shopping day one
You found the perfect gift, you be gettin' it done
A paperweight is what it is
What's the next step
Hell this ain't no pop quiz

Presentation, you're gonna wrap it up
Swiftly, quick-like
All you need is a bag & tissue
just fill out the tag you wish you
had done it nicer dag
Ain't no thang it's for your boss at Burger Kang

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Either phrase give thanks and praise
to all the gift wrappers
Because wrapping is the hardest part
It's an art, if you're smart
You'll take the time to wrap

Three weeks til Christmas, time to hit the mall
It's that time of year yo where the peoples just get all
Crazy, bananas in a tree
You throw down with a grandmom til you get a
Ticke Me Elmo, it's still a big hit
I'm tellling you boys, with the kids it's shhh...

Before you peace out you see a crazy-ass sight
in the middle of the mall a surpriseful delight
Charity gift wrap, Aw yeah I'll bite
For only 25 bills this Christmas wrap be done right
Off the hook for your little cousin Brooke

Twelve days are left to go,
but there ain't no swans-a-swimmin'
Sittin' in your crib with the Christmas tree you trimmin'
Underneath the tree is your favorite gift of all
You didn't get it from the net and it isn't from the mall
It's a little tiny box and the wrapping is divine
Sleek silver paper with an intricate design
A velvet ribbon wraps around and curves on every edge
Just to hold it in your hand is a certain privilege
What's inside, yo? Release.
You gotta wait til Christmas. Peace.
Track Name: Sean G. Donaldson - Toys Of Christmas Past
I come and play here every year,
in times of sadness, in times of cheer,
No one knew they were meant to last,
These are the toys of Christmas Past

A game called Perfection will give you a scare
whether or not all the pieces are there
Thunderball Island is missing some balls
or I guess those are actually marbles that fall

The greatest achievement of technology
was all that I wanted that year, you'd agree
didn't matter where you took it on sea or on land
the Typhoon would hover-craft at your command

And then came the phase with the building and building
Construx was the medium of choice for the most things
Capsela and Robotix were of similar stuff,
But they just weren't as fun and Construx was enough.

And of course Legoes had a place in our hearts,
Even more when we were older and they had cooler parts,
I'd build a chassis of a racecar with shocks
and a working steering wheel oh man how it rocks

After all those gifts I opened that morning,
The one I was most excited about was the 40-box of crayons
Crayola with every color, don't even need to be sharpened
But when all the wrapping paper was cleared away,
they were gone
Where are you, crayons?

Here in my den of earthly delights
I set up Mouse Trap and a few Lite Brites
I try to perfect a Spirograph
And another joy comes into my path,

It's Teddy Ruxpin and Inspector Gadget
What that pair could do, no one could match it
The Pound Puppies all playing with the Pound Purries
(even though the cat version of puppies is kittens)

I come and play here every year,
in times of sadness, in times of cheer,
No one knew they were meant to last,
These are the toys of Christmas Past
Track Name: Eric S. Donaldson - Don't Forget To Wake Us Up For Christmas
When we were children Christmas meant presents by the tree
Attending church, eating food and seeing family
Mom and Dad said "go to sleep, or Santa will not come"
Which somehow never kept us from a long night full of fun
And we'd say "Don't forget to wake us up for Christmas"
Though 5am would roll around before we got to bed
"Don't forget to wake us up for Christmas
Or we might have to wake you up instead"

Then when we were older, we loved our Christmas Eve
We'd chat and talk the night away with hardly a reprieve
We'd never tire of having fun, we'd last 'til the sun rose
And then we'd crash exhaustedly still in our Christmas clothes

Don't forget to wake us up for Christmas
We've been good just as we should and Santa's on his sleigh
Don't forget to wake us up for Christmas
Or we will sleep right through the entire day

Nowadays in many ways such busy lives we keep
The gift we're wanting most of all is just to get some sleep
Christmas-time has changed for us since we are all grown
And now we take our orders from children of our own

And they don't forget to wake us up for Christmas
As they pull of our Christmas socks while jumping on our bed
"Don't forget to wake us up for Christmas"
Or we might have to wake you up instead

"Don't forget to wake us up for Christmas"
And don't forget a single word we've said
"Don't forget to wake us up for Christmas
Or we might have to wake you up instead"